School uniform is compulsory at Southern Cross School. We believe that wearing the correct uniform every day is important for all students. Not only is our uniform smart and practical, but it also removes the barriers making all pupils equal whilst in school.

Our uniform is:

  • Black Polo Shirt with Southern Cross logo
  • Black Sweatshirt with Southern Cross logo
  • Black School Trousers
  • Black School Shoes

For health and safety reasons, no jewellery is allowed, other than a wrist watch.

We do not recommend pupils bring in any personal items which may be of value into school. However, if pupils do bring these items into school they will be expected to hand these into the office for safe keeping. Pupils will be given their own plastic wallet to put money, mobile phones, bus passes or other items brought into school. The wallet stays with reception until the end of the day when they will be able to collect it.

We very much appreciate your support in ensuring that your child wears their uniform every day.