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The aim here at Southern Cross for sport is not like traditional schools where there is one curriculum for all but to have a philosophy of having a curriculum to fit the students. 

Sports covered throughout the year include: Footbal, basketball, volleyball,badminton, cricket, athletics, gym work, and lots more depending on the interests of the students. The year 7's along with the KS2 will have extra lessons away from the school campus to develop the students hidden curriculum skills/life skills, covering sports such as Swimmins, Mountain biking and Boxing. There will be lots of opportunities to take part in competition both in house and tournaments representing the school in various sports. This ends with the annual school sports day where everyone is invited to celebrate the student's hard work.


The students will grasp a basic understanding of a number of topics involving sport including:

Physiology of fitness, how the body works.

Principles/Components of fitness and fitness testing.

Rules and tactics

Preperation for sport and Healthy living.



Both the short and long term student development are very important here at Southern Cross. We will do this with Positive Performance Feedback not only in class but throughout the year. We will have extrinsic rewards in sports students of the week receiveing recognition, but more importantly we will encourage intrinsic rewards in the students believing in one self and being happy with one's performance. Team work and individual performances will be rewarded through a number of initiative's here at Southern Cross.

The four corner approach will be used for long term student development, (L.T.S.D.) This will incorporporate the hidden curriculum used here at Southern Cross.

Technical, Psychological, Physical, Social.