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Fresh Start

Read Write Inc. Fresh Start is a synthetic phonics intervention programme by Ruth Miskin, to enable pupils in KS3  to develop fluent reading and writing skills.


Pupils are taught the grapheme-phoneme correspondences in a clear sequence from the simple alphabetic code to phonemes with alternative graphemes.


For each phoneme, pupils are taught to ‘say it’, ‘read it’, ‘write it’, using mnemonics and visual, auditory and kinaesthetic activities.


Pupils learn to decode words by identifying the graphemes and blending the phonemes, through the word. Pupils learn the relationship between phonemes and graphemes and apply their increased phonic knowledge to reading the age-appropriate decodable texts and doing spelling and writing activities.


Pupils learn to spell words by segmenting words into phonemes and that it is the opposite of blending. Pupils learn high frequency words from the earliest stages and to use knowledge of grapheme-phoneme correspondences as a first approach to words which are not completely phonically regular. Three forms of assessment ensure progress is closely monitored.